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OWow, It's A Vibrating...Super-Powered...Wow!

You screamed, they answered. The Screaming O has released a new vibrating cockring made with the same super-stretchy silicone that their famous sex toys are known for – but this one is called the OWow and for good reason!

The cockring itself will keep that boner of his hard. That’s the goal, right? But instead of a vibrating mini bullet that may or may not buzz hard enough to push her over the edge, these guys found a way to shove a full-sized bullet vibe at the top. So instead of light tickling tingles, she’ll feel the full power of a regular vibrator!

Plus it’s waterproof. Heck yes.

If you want to sneak some alone time without Mr. Ring, the bullet comes right out of its silicone sleeve and can be used as a mini super powered vibrator toy. Whether you’re alone in the house, or you both want to fiddle around without the need for cock-and-ball help, the OWow will keep it up for more than an hour!


Wish you could say that about everyone, dontchya?