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Refinery29 Trend & Style Makers Love the Big O Vibrating Ring!


The Internet’s No. 1 news source for fashionable, stylish and trend-setting women loves the Big O vibrating cock ring thanks to its strong finish and low price! In a special feature dedicated to cock rings, Refinery29.com writer Hayley MacMillen shared her discovery of the almighty cock ring and recommended the Big O to couples looking for something cheap, easy, and effective.

She wrote. “It may be a cliché, but I would describe my experience as deep penetration plus vibration — especially during girl-on-top — as sex on steroids. All of the same sensations were there, but they were heightened. Clit stimulation is that magical missing piece in heterosexual, penetrative sex; I now know that $10 can solve that problem.”

It’s true! Vibrating cock rings may provide a more pleasurable experience. All you need is a powerful motor and a stretchy ring; no point breaking the bank for fancy bells and whistles!

“C-ring newbies can certainly splash out some serious cash on a high-end model if they’re so inclined, but this is one device that delivers, no matter your budget,” MacMillen wrote.

And not only did their new cock rick give her and her partner an intimate experience together, but it also added a tingly spice to their togetherness, which is an excellent added side effect of using affordable sex toys from The Screaming O.

“There’s something inherently sexy about introducing a new item into the bedroom, whatever it is,” she concluded. “It’s a shared mini-adventure. Summary: thumbs-up, highly recommend, will try again (maybe tonight).”