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Ride a MustachiO for Movember Men’s Health Month!


Mustaches have never been more mainstream – they’re on shirts, shoes and even tattoos – and now’s the time (or the month, rather) to let your facial hair down in honor of men’s health.

Every November, men grow beards, ‘staches and more in honor of the Movember Foundation, an organization that raises funds and awareness of men’s health issues. Redefining the modern gentleman with a philanthropic twist, Movember supports top international men’s health programs dedicated to the fight against prostate and testicular cancer – and now you can, too!

Ron Burgundy’s got one, Tom Selleck’s had one for decades, and now YOU can have one that vibrates! Strap on a MustachiO this Movember, sport the classic handlebar mustache you’ve always wanted, and put those other guys’ crumb catchers to shame! Even the follicle-ly challenged can hop on the mustache train with this clever mini vibe that anyone – and everyone – can enjoy!

So spread the word and try a MustachiO on for size – even you ladies! – and give good...humanitarianism and donate to the Movember Foundation today!