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Ride The Carnal Carnival With The New Woo Hoo

The Screaming O has released the WooHoo cocking, billed as a “thrill-seeking” vibrating ring that’ll turn your body into an amusement park. I mean come on…if that doesn’t make you want to buy all three colors, I dunno what will, LOL.

This guys has two vibrators, which does a body good, but what makes it perfect for the more, how do you say…adventurous wearer is the stretchy holster that gently cradles his balls like the precious gems they are. Plus it gives his taint the attention it deserves – and so often doesn’t get!

But all hugging and cradling aside, the holster is what keeps the powerful tingling vibration from the bullets flowing up and down the stretchy rings and secures the bottom bullet where it counts. This essentially turns him into a full-blown human vibe. It looks a little strange, but man it feels more than a little amazing!

Plus each bullet lasts more than an hour so once you strap this puppy on, cancel your plans and get ready for a wild ride. You’re not going to want to get off anytime soon. ;-)