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Romantic Gift Exchange: Eat Dessert First

Romantic Gift Exchange: Eat Dessert First

Dinner vs. MasteRing Panty

V-Day is on Friday and there isn’t much time left to get creative with your romantic gift ideas – and that’s why The Screaming O is here. Last week we inspired you to think outside the heart-shaped box and get creative with your carnal self: trade in flowers for a Big O couples ring, skip the beach blanket date for a waterproof O Wow® Double Wammy, and toss chocolates for a Soft-Touch Bullet vibe.

And now that you’re down to the wire, it’s time to dig deep and show your Valentine that you’ve got some spark in you. It’s time to take the romantic antics outside and in public.

Gift Exchange #4: Dinner Date

It’s a tradition to take your special someone out to an elegant and romantic dinner someplace nice. Cloth napkin nice. But while you sit with the wine list and decide between the rib eye and the salmon, all you’re really waiting for is to sign the check and book it home for dessert. But if you’re hungry, why wait?

And that’s why we suggest the MasteRing Panty. This super-powered vibrating bullet is operated by a remote control that your partner wears on his or her finger – it looks just like a ring, so no one will know what you’re up to. And the best part? You also get a sexy black lace panty with a little pouch that keeps the Bullet comfortably against her clitoris, making it super-easy to get away with playing in public. It’s discreet enough to wear under clothes and sexy enough to match with lingerie – everyone wins!

With the push of a button, make your partner squirm with delight as she tries not to make a scene, and there’s nothing hotter than secret foreplay in front of unassuming patrons. Whoever wears the ring holds the power of pleasure, and it works from up to 50 feet away so she can get buzzed from all the way across the bar.

See how long you both can last and when you simply can’t take it anymore, scream “Check please!!!” and speed home. Best Valentine’s Day ever.