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Romantic Gift Exchange: Oral Presentation

Romantic Gift Exchange: Oral Presentation

It’s the final day of our Valentine’s Day Gift Exchange, giving you much-needed inspiration for finding the perfect romantic gift – and ideal one that’ll get you laid. (That’s the ultimate goal, right?)

To recap: we’ve told you to why flowers won’t cut it, how a beachside date can be a disaster, and why chocolate’s probably a bad idea – topping it off with a sexy gift idea that’ll turn your dinner date into incredible foreplay. Now it’s time to turn your Valentine’s Day finale into the ultimate masterpiece with a very special oral monologue.

Gift Exchange #5: Movie Time

It’s the final hours of Valentine’s Day; you’ve had dinner, you’ve exchanged gifts, and now it’s time to unwind and fight the urge to fast-forward to the good part. Sure, nothing facilitates eventual fornication quite like watching a movie surrounded by pillows, dim lighting, and the arms of your loved one. But sometimes you just wish there could be a plot twist.

So turn that romcon into the ultimate action film with the LingO vibrating tongue ring, a powerful little vibe that makes it easy for your tongue to take the lead. So skip the sappy romance movie and star in your very own motion picture – she’ll be moaning way before the credits roll and you’ll win an Oscar for oral skills that’d make even Ryan Gosling jealous.