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Scream Team- Safe Sex, & Spring Break- What More Could You Ask For

The beach echoing with the sounds of screaming o’s…

…aaah music to my ears.

The Scream Team packed their bags full of Screaming O Condom Packs – luckily their bikinis don’t take up much suitcase space – and trekked down to Acapulco for this year’s spring break debauchery.

Sure, it was an excuse to party, get tan and flirt with some juiceheads, but they had a mission.

These ladies spent the week showing all kinds of drunk and horny 20-somethings that it’s not impossible to have outrageously good SAFE sex.

Sure, everyone knows sex with condoms doesn’t feel as good without, but for Pete’s sake those 5-10 minutes (if you’re lucky, especially when he’s wasted LOL) of ecstasy is not even a little bit worth the risk associated with bareback fornication.


So that’s why everywhere you looked you saw a blond ray of sunshine wearing a red tank top and/or bikini combo handing out little safe sex kits to every Tom, Dick and Harriet.

And judging by a few of our encounters, it looks like we may have helped make a couple of love/lust connections, too. Aw, brings tears to our eyes.

A couple of the Scream Team gals even flirted with the crazy dudes from LMFAO who were all over the beach enjoying the view and wearing giant necklaces to match their neon life jackets – see, even they know safety always comes first! LOL

(They definitely took more than a couple Screaming O Condom Packs. They’re in Miami Acapulco bitch!)

Cuz when you’re out on the beach and everyone’s scantily clad lubing their bodies with suntan oil – and lubing their judgment with tequila shots – chances are there’s going to be some promiscuity.

Am I speaking from experience? Maybe. ;-)