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A Screamin' Valentines Day for Everyone!


February 10, 2014

The romantic holiday season is in full swing, which means it’s time to start prepping for the biggest event of all: Valentine’s Day! So we’ve made it easy with a gift guide designed to fit everyone’s needs, from fun couples kits to sexy treats for the single life.

For the girl who has every sex toy: Ohare

Some gals simply have it all and finding them something sexy that they’ve never seen before can seem impossible – so that’s why we suggest the Ohare. The Ohare is a clever hybrid between a double-ring cock ring and the iconic rabbit vibrator, a go-to sex toy for so many women. It takes the powerful vibrating “ear” concept and combines it with a secure cock ring that can be enjoyed together providing a more pleasurable sexual experience! It’s brand new, too, so chances are the Ohare isn’t yet on her radar.


For the couple planning a romantic getaway: Ovation Kit

Some couples make time for themselves to celebrate their relationships, whether it’s a trip to Cabo or a stay-cation in front of their living room fireplace. And no romantic getaway is complete without something sexy to enhance the moment – and that’s why we put some of our most popular sex toys and accessories in a convenient all-in-one kit. The Ovation Kit is as convenient as it is portable and includes all of the essentials couples need for a wild night. And the best part? There’s two of everything, which means there are enough goodies to keep them going into Round 2!


For the best first impression: PrimO Tux

Some Valentine’s Day celebrations are just a little more special, especially if he’s meeting his date for the very first time. First impressions are everything, which means he needs to pay extra attention to what he does – and brings – in the bedroom. And that’s why the PrimO Tux is the perfect couples toy that makes it easy for him to dress to impress. It’s made of our highest quality silicone and features an adorable little studded bowtie on the motor, which stimulates her clitoris while giving it an air of flirty formality. She’ll be impressed that he cared enough for premium silicone and he’ll be happy he came equipped with something that’ll help his penis stay hard.


For the guy who’s over it: TacO

Eh, Valentine’s Day. Who cares? This guy doesn’t; all he’s planning is to enjoy himself in front of his computer screen and maybe invite some hand lotion to the party. And that why the TacO is the perfect accoutrement to this solo session: this handheld stroker is simple, easy, affordable and makes masturbation feel that much better. It sure beats a giant glob of Lubriderm, and it can be washed and reused to keep the romantic rub-outs coming long after Cupid retires for the year.


For the girl who’s dating herself: My Secret Screaming O Lipstick

Who needs a dinner date when the most important person is herself? This gal wants something designed especially for her pleasure – and no one else’s – so it has to fit her style and serve some serious vibration power. That’s why we recommend the My Secret Screaming O Lipstick: it looks just like the luxe lipstick many women love but houses an impressively strong motor that turns its bright-pink tip into a pleasure machine. It’s a sexy secret that’s just for her and she can celebrate Valentine’s Day with a freshly flushed face and a big smile knowing she’s treating herself – and treating herself well!


For the couple who loves risqué romance: MasteRing Panty

An ordinary dinner date just won’t cut it for some couples, which is why we suggest the MasteRing Panty for those of you who like to take their playtime out in public. This little bullet vibe is operated by a remote control cleverly disguised as a finger ring – and the bullet fits inside a sexy black lace panty (it’s included!) so she can wear it all night long without missing a beat. Couples can toggle through 10 vibration patterns from up to 50 feet away while they watch each other squirm from across the table, bar, club, wherever and make for a very memorable Valentine’s Day celebration!