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Set Off Some Sexy Fireworks this 4th of July!


It’s time to celebrate the official signing of the Declaration of Independence, the sacred document that made the 13 colonies into the official United States and essentially told England to bugger off.

So what better way to honor the birth of our country than by setting off some fireworks from the comfort of your bedroom? (Or your backseat, depending on how festive you want to get.)

Let’s celebrate the 4th of July the way our Founding Fathers never would have imagined (but probably wish they’d tried) with a little red, white and buzz courtesy of The Screaming O! Fly your freak flag high and, in between helpings of BBQ burgers and American-brewed beer, take a bedroom break to make fireworks with your sweetheart.

No one will hear you over the snap, crack, bang, BOOM of annual Independence Day fireworks display so feel free to be as patriotic as you please. You might even make Lady Liberty blush!