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Sex With Emily's Emily Morse Recommends Screaming O Rings and Couples Vibes!

Sex With Emily's Emily Morse Recommends Screaming O Rings and Couples Vibes!

Emily Morse, host of the popular Sex With Emily podcast and star of Bravo’s “Miss Advised”, took to the mic this week to talk all about sex toys, and The Screaming O was her No. 1 choice for couples rings and vibes!

Listen to it on iTunes now so you know what we’re talking about!

Emily has tried thousands of sex toys so she can recommend the best of the best to her loyal fans, and when the topic of cock rings and vibrating rings came up, she raved about why men love them – and how they help spice up their sex lives.

“Men love it; it helps them stay harder longer, their penis looks huge, and it has vibration on it so when you have sex with a woman it hits her clitoris in just the right way,” Emily said. “The Screaming O is a good starter, it’s a gateway ring; I always give them to friends, like for house party gifts. The balls feel good when you tuck them up through the ring. You just have to experiment.”

And something special we learned from the show: cock rings are a go-to enhancement tool that men use outside of the bedroom! Our stretchy Ring O cock rings give men a sexy “bulge” in their pants that makes it even easier to dress to impress before a night out.

“ positions your penis – it’s like a push up bra for your dick,” Emily said. “And now everyone’s going to run out and buy one, but why not? You have to expand our sex life. It should constantly be expanding and trying new things, because sex is why we’re here on earth. It’s the most amazing thing you can experience, so you might as well try something different. Try a toy, watch porn, so many couples get into ruts and they need to do something different.”

Emily also suggested trying our FingO finger fitted mini vibe as the perfect beginner vibe for women who need clitoral stimulation to get off.

“I love the FingO and they are pretty reasonably priced,” Emily said. “I love their bullets. Your partner can use it on you or YOU can use it on you. It’s great.”

Well you heard the sexpert! Go out and get some for yourself!