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Study Shows Exercise Can Cause Female Orgasm. Work It Out!

Exercise can increase female orgasm

Well, well, well. This is the kind of scientific study we’re into! A research team at Indiana University has conducted a study that showed exercise-induced orgasms are not only possible, but are brought on by working your abs, climbing up ropes, biking and even lifting weights!

The team surveyed 124 women online who had reported having orgasms while working out and 246 women who’d reported feeling sexual pleasure during exercise sessions. Their ages ranged from 18 to 63 and 69 percent identified as heterosexual.

About 40 percent of these women said they’d had exercise-induced orgasms more than 10 times, and 20 percent said they are unable to control them once they start. According to the study, the majority of the subjects said they "were not fantasizing sexually or thinking about anyone they were attracted to during their experiences.”

The mechanics behind what exactly triggers an orgasm to take place are still unclear, mostly because the range of exercises during which orgasms were experienced run the gamut. Women said using the “captain’s chair” for ab workouts was a common causer, while yoga, bicycling, running, walking/hiking, and weight lifting were the other activities reportedly causing unexpected erotic events.

But researcher Debby Herbenick said that these findings at least help women feel more comfortable with the fact that they’re not the only ones concealing their O-faces while panting on an elliptical machine.

"Magazines and blogs have long highlighted cases of what they sometimes call 'coregasms,'" Herbenick said. "But aside from early reports by Kinsey and colleagues, this is an area of women's sexual health research that has been largely ignored over the past six decades."