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Take a Romantic Staycation with the Ovation Intimacy Kit


It’s never been easier to take a staycation and swap a night out for a romantic night in! Our new Ovation Intimacy Kit has everything you need to keep things sweet, sexy and a little naughty with the curtains closed and your phones turned off!

Enjoy two lubricated, latex condoms, two water-based lubricant packets, two warming lubricant packets, two cleansing towelettes, two sweet mints and two famous award-winning Screaming O Vibrating Rings. Because sometimes there’s not enough time – or space in your suitcase – to pack everything you might need for a romantic getaway. And other times you just don’t want to leave the house – or your bed!

And the best part? Each portable go-anywhere, use-anywhere kit has two convenient sets separated with an easy-tear perforation so you can use one Ovation tonight and save the one for a romantic encore! (See what we did there?)

So enjoy twice the fun with one easy purchase and get ready to make some lasting memories!

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