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The Best Ways for Men & Women to Masturbate

Some of the best sex we have is when we’re all by ourselves, and that’s one of the many reasons why masturbating is so beneficial! While it might seem pretty self-explanatory, there isn’t just one way to self-love and we’re here to show you how to enhance your hands and blow your minds!

For the GUYS!

1. Give It a Tug
As you’re stroking and getting close to orgasm, take a minute to cup your testicles in your non-occupied hand and give ‘em a little squeeze. Then right as the wave of ecstasy comes, gently (or not gently, depending on your preferences!) tug and pull your testicles down toward your anus. Many men find this extra attention feels incredibly erotic and can help make orgasms feel even more intense.

2. Caress Your Corona
Your corona is a little bundle of nerve endings on the underside of the head of your penis. It’s one of the most sensitive spots on your shaft and many men find it pleasurable to tickle or rub that area as they get it on (with themselves).

So next time you’re jerking off, try lubing up your hand (or your stroker, if you’re using a sex toy for men) and putting most of the massaging focus on the corona – especially as you get closer to orgasm. You can even get both hands involved and use your left to stroke this sweet spot while the right keeps a tight grip on everything else.

3. Buzz Your Balls (and Everywhere Else!)
Our hands can only do so much, which is why we love the wonderful world of sex toys! The skin on and around the testicles, as well as the perineum (aka the taint), are incredibly sensitive to touch and vibration – and when combined with your regular stroking motion, can incite an incredible explosion of…pleasure!

Try a mini vibe, like a bullet massager, or something that attaches to your finger for easy use. Use your free hand to run the sex toy along with your testicles and sensitive areas or, if you want full-power results, press it firmly against your taint just as you reach orgasm for a big finish.

For the GALS!

1. Free the Nipples!
The nipples are an important, yet often forgotten, an erogenous zone that sexuality researchers have found connects to the same receptors of the brain as your clitoris – so why not combine the two for double the pleasure?

But sometimes our fingers can only go so far, which is why we love compact and easy-to-use mini vibes that can be worn on your fingertips! Add a little lube and glide the vibe along with your areolas in circular motions with one hand while you leave your other hand free to fondle whatever else you’re in the mood for. We guarantee you’ll feel heightened pleasure and might even reach orgasm faster as a result of the double-team touching!

2. Try a Sex Toy
Many women use their fingers, pillows, or firm objects to rub, hump, and wiggle against while they masturbate, which is a great way to do the deed. But sometimes our bodies can grow accustomed to the same styles of stimulation, which is why we encourage women to switch things up and incorporate new techniques.

There are many sex toys out there designed to be unobtrusive and easy to use for first-timers or women who don’t want to deal with a massive massager. Some attach to your fingers and stay in place with a stretchy ring while others are hand-held and pack a lot of power into a tiny shape, which means putting them under whatever you’re humping on or even directly against your clitoris can result in raging orgasms. They’re especially useful when you need to rub one out in a pinch!

3. Breathe
Yeah yeah, we know. “Breathe” is a favorite of yoga instructors and hipsters looking for something to tattoo on their wrists, but when it comes to better sex, they’re on to something. There are ways to incorporate different breathing techniques into your masturbation routine and experience lovely results, and they won’t leave you breathless or lightheaded – unless you want them to.

Our bodies need oxygen to keep our blood flowing smoothly and the more we inhale, the better our blood can reach the key parts of our bodies. Notice when you’re masturbating if you tend to hold your breath and try letting out some air as you get closer to orgasm. And when you start climbing the peak stages of pleasure, make an effort to breathe deep and exhale completely in a steady rhythm. By the time you climax, your orgasm will grow intensely and you may feel an incredibly satisfying release, unlike anything you’ve ever felt. That’s the power of oxygen!