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The Screaming O Studio Collection Gets Buzz from the 'Manginas' at Maxim Magazine


The Screaming O Studio Collection has been named official "Makeup for Your Mangina" by the gents at Maxim magazine after a special delivery of the discreet mini vibrators left editors curious to see what all the buzz is about.

When they saw what these discreet mini vibes disguised as makeup could do, editors featured the collection in an issue devoted James Bond and the sexy gadgets that make him the ultimate man of mystery. Bond has cellphones disguised as pens and guns hidden inside of his wristwatch – imagine what he could do with one of our sneaky vibes!

Just in time for the next issue, editors received a plain brown box filled with what – at first glance – appeared to be women’s makeup. But their confusion switched to curiosity when they realized the Lipstick, Mascara, Makeup Brush and matching accessories were sex toys cleverly disguised as cosmetics.

"We discreetly slipped the collection of vibrators into our overnight bag, called for a taxi, and booked a hotel room under the name Pat McGroyn," editors wrote. "(Note to maid: You definitely do not want to disturb this room.)"

Obviously the staff at Maxim knows what guys want and The Studio Collection gave them something they hadn’t thought to put on their list. It’s the perfect gift for a guy on the go, and any woman who catches on to these mini vibes’ clever cosmetic disguise will be impressed by his prowess.

Women love men with a sense of style and The Studio Collection leaves the ultimate impression!

Check out The Studio Collection here!