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The Screaming O Studio Collection Intimate Accessories Make CBS’s ‘The Doctors’ Blush


The Screaming O Studio Collection was featured on “The Doctors” this week for a special “Sexual Wellness Guide” edition of the CBS network’s top rated talk show. The four doctors showed the audience and fans nationwide how The Studio Collection’s discreet mini vibes and sexual enhancement creams can dramatically improve sexual wellness and satisfaction.

“To have a little bit of fun, this is a different type of breakthrough for women,” Dr. Travis Stork said as he and Dr. Andrew Gordon each checked out a popular Studio Collection product and held it up to the audience. Dr. Gordon set the Studio Collection Mascara to its highest vibration speed and, clearly impressed, recommended it to the crowd as “a brush that will make you blush.”

Dr. Lisa Masterson led the doctors’ discussion of the convenience of discreet design and how products like O Balm™ Warming sexual stimulant balm and O Balm™ Gloss climax crème can excite couples and help women reach orgasm.

“Research suggests that for the right people these tools can improve sexual performance and confidence,” Dr. Stork said, making the important point that sexual wellness products like The Screaming O Studio Collection are fun and effective tools to help couples have better, more satisfying sex – and a healthier sex life!

Watch The Screaming O Studio Collection make CBS’s “The Doctors” blush here → http://www.thedoctorstv.com/videolib/init/8295