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The Screaming O Supports Free Speech Coalition

We jump at the chance to help the causes of fellow trailblazers in the fight for freedom of speech and love, and this time The Screaming O has launched a donation program to benefit the Free Speech Coalition (FSC) and the retail stores in our realm that make all of this possible.

Starting today we are donating a portion from every sale of The Screaming O’s fully stocked counter or standing display. Retail stores can buy these to promote sales and add a visually stimulating element to their counters and floor space, all the while knowing their purchase is helping the FSC do its job.

What is the FSC’s job? Well among other things, the team lobbies across the country against First Amendment stifling, helping fight legal battles with government members and others making moves to prevent free speech from flowing throughout our lives.

Together with FSC we’re supporting adults’ rights to, well, be adults!

Because without free speech, where would we be? It certainly would make writing these blogs pretty tough…and imagine how quiet the country would get!