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The Screaming O Teams with ID Lubricant to Create World’s 1st Vibrating Lube

In a feat never thought possible, the world’s first vibrating lubricant has officially arrived after a year-long collaboration between The Screaming O and ID Lubricant and is slated to be the industry’s most significant innovation since stretchy silicone.

This groundbreaking lubricant was developed using patented liquivibrotic technology, which transmits subtle vibration through the lubricant’s unique molecular structure for a never-before-felt sexual experience.

“We wanted to find a way to combine the pleasure of a vibrator with the smooth glide of a quality lubricant to create a one-of-a-kind sex enhancer that would blow everyone’s minds,” The Screaming O representative said. “We teamed with ID Lubricant because they have the most advanced lab facility in town and a premium product and together we created a breakthrough that no one else thought possible.”

This revolutionary lubricant is available only in a water-based formula, as its hydrogen-based oxidization allows for the liquivibrotic stimulation to transfer smoothly to the user. A silicone-based version currently is being reformulated to accommodate its slick consistency, and once their joint laboratory finalizes the formulation the two companies are expected to be considered for the Nobel Prize in Chemistry.

“ID Lubricant is honored to be a part of this exciting development and it was a pleasure to work with The Screaming O and our joint team of rocket scientists,” Haskell said. “Together we were able to incorporate the power of vibration into liquid form and made a technological discovery that even Bill Gates would envy!”

The Screaming O and ID Lubricant will debut the game-changing lube at an upcoming industry event pending approval of the product’s proposed brand name, which currently is in the midst of legal deliberation.

To learn more and enter the contest to name the NEW vibrating lubricant, head to…  april fools :)