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The Sex Toy Biz Makes LOVE LA to the City of Los Angeles

Despite the flooded streets thousands of Los Angelenos flocked to Boulevard 3 in Hollywood for the first-ever LOVE LA show. LOVE LA's objective is to provide couples and singles products and seminars to enhance their love lives in a comfortable and entertaining environment.

LOVE LA was put together as a sort of alternative to the other porn-focused conventions around the city, a sexy event that was all about sex toys and other sensual tools that make it even more fun to fornicate.

The Screaming O had a huge presence here of course, as we’re all about sex toys for men, women, couples and everyone in between. We gave out all kinds of free vibrators and T-shirts while the Screaming O Scream Team girls warmly welcomed every attendee with a big smile.

We definitely left a worthy impression and everywhere we looked there was someone carrying a Screaming O  red shopping bag filled with some of the best vibrators and sex toys in the industry. And good thing, too – that rain didn’t stop for days, and thanks to The Screaming O, these folks had something to help make passing the time a little sexier!