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The Screaming O Initiates Independent Product Material Verification & Labeling Campaign

As part of our commitment to our fans around the world, The Screaming O has teamed with an independent laboratory and verifier to have all of our sex toy materials tested for quality, toxicity, body-safety and authenticity. This new effort is part of an education campaign designed to keep shoppers informed about the materials we use in our products and promote responsible manufacturing and consumer confidence.

Our first testing phase took place in December 2014 and revealed that The Screaming O’s SEBS – which is a form of styrene-ethylene-butadiene – and premium silicone are pure, non-toxic and body-safe. You’ve probably heard of silicone, but what in the world is SEBS?

SEBS is a stretchy material used in most of The Screaming O’s cock rings, vibrating cock rings, and many of our non-silicone mini vibes. It’s a quality and safe alternative to squishy (and smelly) jelly material – but they are NOT the same thing! SEBS, as is any material that is not platinum silicone, stainless steel, glass, or coated wood or stone, is slightly porous. But “porous” does not mean “unsafe” or “toxic” when it comes to external-use toys. You just have to keep your sex toys clean, as you would for any item that goes on, in or near your body!

We choose to manufacture much of our product line out of pure SEBS in order to provide quality alternatives for men, women and couples who cannot afford (or do not want) to drop $60+ on a rechargeable cock ring or $90+ clitoral vibe. And they – and everyone else! – deserves body-safe materials and quality construction, don’t you agree?

The initial materials testing was sparked by miscommunication regarding the labeling of our SEBS material, which previously read “SEBS Silicone.” Now that we have hard data proving that no silicone is present, the descriptions have been revised and correctly labeled as pure, non-toxic, body-safe SEBS.

“It’s so exciting to have independent lab results (with third-party validation) to further support our brand because The Screaming O proudly stands behind each of our products, and we want our consumers to feel confident to do the same,” Aumann said. “Plus, we genuinely want everyone on the planet to have better, more satisfying sex and let The Screaming O be their guide – or at least their gateway!”