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Last Forever…and Ever…and Ever with Ofinity & Ofinity Plus Rings


Last Forever…and Ever…and Ever with Ofinity & Ofinity Plus Rings

Jan. 28, 2015

The Screaming O has proudly introduced the Ofinity and Ofinity Plus, two unique cock rings featuring a dual-isolation design for a more pleasurable sexual experience. The idea came to us in a stroke of genius that evolved into a very exciting R&D process – and the result has turned into one of this season’s most-wanted sex toys for couples!


These stretchy one-size-fits-most sex toys designed to go around the penis and testicles with separate snug-tight rings in a figure-8 shape for a more pleasurable experience. And with the option of vibration with the Ofinity Plus, couples can add powerful vibration for an intensely enjoyable experience.

Simply stretch the top ring around the shaft and the bottom ring around the testicles and position the connecting piece comfortably in between – and the Ofinity Plus boasts a bonus vibrating motor that massages that incredibly sensitive area.


The Ofinity and Ofinity Plus can be worn in multiple ways to enhance sensation for each partner, depending on what kind of experience you desire. Each package features easy-to-understand “how to wear” diagrams so you can choose which way you want to enjoy your new Screaming O – or try both to find your favorite!

And as with all stretchy Screaming O products, the Ofinity and Ofinity Plus are made with lab-tested body-safe SEBS to assure a quality, body-safe experience that men and women of all kinds can enjoy.