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Why Are Orgasms Good For Women's Health?


why orgasms are good for you

Everyone loves orgasms, right? Girls like getting them, guys like giving them…heck if we all had them more often, road rage would become an issue of the past and, if anything else, people would certainly smile a lot more. Sure, O-faces put us in a good mood, but did you there are legitimate health benefits to having (at least) one orgasm a day?

Our friends at FLOLiving.com did a little digging and found out that there’s more to a good roll in the hay than meets the eye. Endorphin rush and post-coital glow aside, it’s reported that orgasms can help heal, calm nerves, help us sleep, and even keep us healthy.

The Screaming O is at the forefront of this new health movement with a lineup of fun, easy and effective sex toys and accessories that make it easier than ever to have as many orgasms as you can! Time to take your vitamins, ladies! If only all of our Screaming O goodies were covered by health insurance…

Here are 5 top female health benefits of orgasms:

1. Orgasms Make You Happy

It might seem obvious, but orgasms have the power to put your mind in a deep state of relaxation, which can help you fall asleep during stressful times and chill out after a long day. That amazing endorphin rush that follows an O-face helps flush the hormone cortisol, which causes inflammation in the body and contributes to that sluggish, uncomfortable feeling that comes along with being stressed out of your mind.

2.  Orgasms Improve Your Health

Orgasms are known to boost DHEA hormones in your body, which some studies say help improve memory and even lower the risk of death from cardiovascular disease!

3.  Orgasms Make You Look Younger

This one surely caught your eye! Some doctors say that frequent orgasms can help you look 10 years younger. David Weeks, a clinical neuropsychologist at the Royal Edinburgh Hospital, wrote a book about it, and though we haven’t yet gotten our hands on it, we suspect the Fountain Of Youth effects might be the result of increased blood flow that comes along with coming.

4. Orgasms Are Pain Killers

Orgasms release oxytocin which provides an analgesic effect similar to that of popular over-the-counter pain killers. That means orgasms can help alleviate headaches and menstrual cramps, soothe achy muscles, and (believe it or not) help make the pain of child birth that much more manageable.

5. Orgasms Help You Detox

Ever notice how your face and body (other than the obvious bits) look red and flushed after you have an orgasm? That’s the result of the sweeping rush of blood pumped extra fast through your veins by your quick-beating heart, heightening your senses and helping facilitate that feeling of ecstasy. But that flow of blood also helps naturally detoxify your system, which also can help aid in common bodily functions including digestion.

There you have it! Orgasms are life-changing and mind-blowing, and now you have an even better excuse to take that extra-long shower. (We have waterproof toys!) You’ll look, feel and function better – and you don’t even need a prescription! Just a Screaming O or three!