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The Screaming O Makes Safe Sex a Cinch With Countertop Condom Candy Bowl

The Screaming O® makes it fun and convenient for shoppers to Play Safe & Stay Sexy with new Condom Candy Bowls chock full of Screaming O brand latex condoms. The Screaming O Candy Bowls give shoppers a fast and easy way to make safe sex sexy, and placed neatly next to the register shoppers won’t be able to resist reaching inside to grab and buy!

Each Condom Candy Bowl comes stocked with 144 Screaming O brand latex condoms featuring colorful call-to-action signage designed to make the maximum impact while occupying the least counter space. Screaming O Condom Candy Bowls make it easy for retailers to promote safe sex with an impulse purchase that prepares shoppers for every intimate encounter that comes their way.

“We wanted to give retailers an easy and accessible display that puts condoms at the point of purchase where safe sex can be front and center,” The Screaming O representative Conde Aumann said. “Condoms are the most effective method of HIV and STD prevention and our Condom Candy Bowls keep them close at hand for savvy shoppers who want to grab and go without buying a whole box.”

Retailers are encouraged to display their Condom Candy Bowls next to the matching Screaming O Vibrating Ring Candy Bowl to create a bright and fun Safe Sex Zone, giving shoppers a fun and disposable way to have the most satisfying safe sex. Combining The Screaming O Vibrating Ring with condom use can enhance sensitivity for a mutually safe and exciting orgasmic experience!

The Screaming O Condom Candy Bowls come pre-stocked with 144 condoms. The condoms also are available in 100-count condom bulk bag refills. Contact your preferred distributor for order details or email conde@thescreamingo.com for more information