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Building Intimacy Through Zodiac: How to Turn Your Partner on Based on Their Sign

Building Intimacy Through Zodiac: How to Turn Your Partner on Based on Their Sign

Here at Screaming O, we’re all about turning on the fun. In light of International Astrology Day, which falls on March 20, we wanted to talk a little about ways in which couples can use the characteristics of their signs to build intimacy in between the sheets! In the text below, we’ve highlighted our favorite signs and broken down what they’re looking for from their partner to achieve the ultimate sexual satisfaction. We’ve also included a graphic for your viewing pleasure because who doesn’t love a good visual? Keep reading for some tips and tricks to keep your partner satisfied for Astrology Day and beyond!


Ahh, the sign of the bull. When it comes to intimacy, a person with this sign needs long-term loving and lots of depth, dubbing them “the lingerer.” They are known to be immersive and sensual, so it’s no surprise that a nibble or two on the neck or ear will get them all charged up. Speaking of charge, your Taurus lover is also the sign most likely to buy lots of sex toys. If you want to beat them to the punch, check out our Screaming O Charged line and you’ll be able to please them, and yourself, long after Astrology Day!  


Also known as the “nurturer,” Cancers take on this role both in and out of the bedroom. They are sympathetic, loyal, and emotional which makes perfect sense as their erogenous zones are located close to the heart, in the chest and breast region. However, your Cancer partner may also be moody, pessimistic and insecure. These emotions can easily infiltrate your sex life. For example, if your partner is feeling insecure about their low sex drive, they may not want to discuss it and instead put sex on the back burner. In times like these, it is crucial to be communicative with them and encourage the exploration of options such as a treatment to combat low sex drive in women, or erectile dysfunction prescription for men. While it may be a sexy topic, a Cancer is connective by nature and being open about the situation may draw you more mentally and physically closer than ever before. In case one has problems performing in bed they can always opt for spray for ED suggested by experts.


Vibrant, inquisitive and exciting, a Sagittarius is always looking for ways to live life to the fullest. This is especially true when it comes to their sex life. If you’re looking to please your Sag partner, know this: They live for spontaneity. They enjoy experimenting with new toys and positions so keep the ideas flowing. Free-spirited and willing to have sex just about anywhere, if you really want to rev their engine, throw a blindfold on them, bring them to a surprise location and get down to business! For an added layer of fun, our My Secret Panty would be a great way to tickle their senses from across the room. This sign is down for anything and you’ll quickly learn that their confidence in, and out of the bedroom helps you to become a better lover.   

While we may not be experts in Astrology, we sure know what it takes to turn on the fun! With sexual positivity in mind, we design our products to change the way you think about sex. Regardless of what sign your lover may be, keep in mind that there are endless ways to please them, and yourself. Our award-winning products can help get you there. Our collections include plenty of shapes, sizes, and colors and we encourage you to try them all out!

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