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Screaming O Debuts True Silicone™ Ring O Pro C-rings in 3 Sizes

New seamless rings feature wide band for a strong comfort fit

Screaming O has debuted the Ring O Pro collection, the highest-quality and lowest-priced silicone cock rings on the market. This new series is made of True Silicone™, a lab-tested and body-safe silicone now featured in much of the company’s catalog and features a seamless shape and flat band for a more comfortable fit. Available in three graduated sizes and priced to satisfy, Ring O Pro cock rings are made for connoisseurs of all experience levels.

Ideal for people who prefer cock rings with some give – and especially for first-time users – the Ring O Pro collection is the most affordable and dependable silicone cock ring of its kind. Ring O Pro cock rings are soft, smooth, and super-stretchy with a wider band that’s as durable as it is reliable for noticeable enhancement. This new shape ensures a fulfilling experience and makes it easy to stretch around almost any size member with ease and accommodate almost any body type.

Ring O Pro LG starts at a 1.25” diameter for a stiffer feel; Ring O Pro XL starts with a 1 7/8” diameter for extra-large sizes; and Ring O Pro XXL starts at a wide 2.25” diameter for optimal comfort and secure hold.

“Our Ring Os remain one of our top-selling SKUs thanks to their grab-n-go packaging and simple design so we gave them an upgrade using True Silicone and a new shape,” Screaming O Representative Conde Aumann said. “This unique flat band lies flush against the body for optimal comfort and is easier to wear for longer periods of time. They’re simple to use, 100% body-safe, and are priced to ensure that consumers of all economic levels can afford quality silicone cock rings. We’re incredibly proud of the Ring O Pro series and the rave reviews they’re already getting.”

The Ring O Pro collection is packaged in sealed pouches to promote grab-n-go impulse purchases and can also be hung individually. Ring O Pro LG, Ring O Pro XL, and Ring O Pro XXL are available in Black, Blue, and Red True Silicone.
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