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3 Expert Tips for Using Your Vibrating Ring Sex Toy

Vibrating rings are amazing for so many reasons: they make sex feel even better (who knew that was possible?), they help couples come together (in more ways than one), and they help make orgasms happen more often! But did you know there’s more than one way to wear a Screaming O Vibrating ring?

These stretchy sex toys are typically worn around the shaft and testicles with the motor positioned on top. With every stroke, the motor makes contact with her clitoris and gives her essential stimulation that almost 75% of women need to orgasm during intercourse. But Vibrating Rings can do so much more!

Screaming O Vibrating Rings

For Him
Guys, did you know that your perineum (ya know…your “taint”) is one of the most sensitive erogenous zones on your body? It’s often overlooked (or sometimes ignored) but even paying just a little attention to it while you get busy can make your orgasms SUPER intense. And that’s where a Screaming O Vibrating Ring comes into play!

Simply stretch the Screaming O Vibrating Ring around your package and nestle the vibrating motor behind your balls so it sits securely on that sweet spot. The perineum is rich with nerve endings that respond almost instantly to steady pressure and stimulation and can inspire some of the most powerful orgasmic responses a man can have.

For Fingers
Not in the mood to wear something strapped to your penis? Not feeling like buzzing on your clitoris tonight? No problem – your Screaming O Vibrating Ring can turn into a perfectly compact mini vibe that you can wear around your finger!

Coil it around your favorite finger (we recommend your index finger!) and position the mini motor on the soft pad on the other side of your fingernail. (Keep in mind that vibrating rings are very stretchy, so you might need to loop it round your finger more than once!) Switch it on and tingle everywhere you touch; perfect for teasing massage, flirty foreplay, tickling nipples, or using during sex to stimulate her clitoris or his perineum – if you can reach!

For Safe Sex
The Screaming O Vibrating Rings has a motor that’s powerful enough to send vibration throughout the ring, so much so that he can even feel it in his shaft (and she can feel it inside!). This sensation helps enhance the feeling for both partners, which is one way that vibrating rings can help make safe sex feel better than ever!

While some couples argue that condoms can desensitize and dull the sensation of sex, a Vibrating Ring can turn things up and enhance the feeling for everyone involved! Carefully put on a condom and roll it all the way to the base of the penis. Then stretch the Vibrating Ring around the base of the condom with the motor positioned however you (or your partner) want it and turn it on to start everyone’s engines. And the best part: it’s completely disposable and portable, so you can whip it out just as easily as a condom and simply toss it when you’re done!

Feeling inspired? Stock up on your Screaming O Vibrating Ring supply today and start experimenting with new ways to enjoy this versatile and top-rated vibrating sex toy for couples. You won’t be disappointed!