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6 Reasons Why Orgasms are Good for Your Health!


There’s a reason why you feel so good after getting laid, and it goes way beyond the ego boost and 10-30 seconds of ultimate ecstasy. Endorphin rush and post-coital glow aside, there are medically proven health benefits of orgasms ranging from improved cardiovascular health to better-looking skin, and there’s never been a better reason to show yourself a good time. Maybe even once a day!

Here are 6 ways to look, feel, and function better without a prescription.

1. Orgasms Make You Happy

Sure, everyone feels better after a big O, but that feeling of elation goes beyond the obvious. Orgasms promote a rush of endorphins, neuropeptides responsible for sending signals among neurons, and essentially make the central nervous system function. They’re produced in response from intense stimuli – in this case, intense pleasure – and are responsible for (among other things) our feelings of joy and happiness.

Orgasms also help flush out cortisol, our stress hormone, which helps alleviate that uncomfortable sluggish feeling that comes along with being stressed out of our minds. So the more sex we have, the calmer and happier we feel. Imagine what the world would be like if everyone had at least one orgasm per day…

2. Orgasms Improve Your Health

Orgasms are known to boost DHEA hormones in your body, which some studies say can help boost your immunity and overall health in incredible ways! Some scientists believe that DHEA can improve memory and recollection in healthy adults, and previous studies have shown a correlation between high DHEA levels and improved cardiovascular health.

And according to researchers, people who have regular orgasms also had higher levels of an antibody called immunioglubulin A, which helps keep the body safe from disease, colds, and flu. An orgasm a day might actually keep the doctor away!

3. Orgasms Make You Look Younger

Who needs Botox when you can bone your way to younger-looking skin? Some doctors say that frequent orgasms can help you look 10 years younger thanks to the “sex flush” we all get after a good orgasm, which helps promote blood flow and a glowing complexion. Plus, DHEA (discussed in #2) is argued to be an effective anti-aging tool (it’s in all kinds of face creams and cleansers) that promotes the production of collagen in the skin.

4. Orgasms Are Pain Killers

Orgasms release oxytocin which provides an analgesic effect similar to that of popular over-the-counter pain killers. That means orgasms can help alleviate headaches and menstrual cramps, soothe achy muscles, and (believe it or not) help make the pain of childbirth that much more manageable.

Oxytocin floods the body alongside all of those endorphins (see #1) and can heighten your pain tolerance and threshold significantly, by up to 74.6% and 106.7%, respectively. That’s pretty incredible.

5. Orgasms Help You Detox

Ever notice how your face and body (other than the obvious bits) look red and flushed after you have an orgasm? That’s the result of the sweeping rush of blood pumped extra-fast through your veins by your quick-beating heart, heightening your senses, and helping facilitate that feeling of ecstasy. But that flow of blood also helps naturally detoxify your system, which also can help aid in common bodily functions including digestion.

6. Orgasms Burn Calories

It’s really true. Sex burns calories – certain acts more than others, of course – and the more you have it, the more exercise activity you have! The activity your body goes through just to have an orgasm – without the additional thrusting and such involved – can burn 60-100 calories on its own.

Oral sex can burn up 100 calories (if you’re the one giving it) and even 10 minutes of simple missionary-style sex can burn up to 250 calories! The cowgirl position will burn a bonus 300 calories (on top) and 130 calories for the “horse” they're riding, and moving from the bed to a standing-up position will burn up to 600 calories for both partners!

But the best bet? Masturbating can burn up to 150 calories per session, depending on how creative you get in your alone time. Add another hand and a vibrator the mix and you’ll get closer to your fitness goal.