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5 Different Types of Orgasms & How to Have Them

Types of Orgasms

Orgasms are like snowflakes: they’re beautiful and unique, with no two Os exactly the same. But did you know there’s more than one way to say “Yes, yes, YES!”? Here’s a breakdown of five different types of orgasms and how to give one (or all!) a try.

1. Vaginal (but not the kind you think)

This type of orgasm goes down thanks to internal stimulation from a penis, finger or pleasantly shaped sex toy – but vaginal orgasms aren’t the result of simply pumping away like some kind of power tool! There are three different “zones” inside of the vagina that, when stimulated, inspire a wondrous rush of physical joy.

The Grafenberg Spot (aka the G-spot) is a small but highly sensitive mound of erectile tissue that swells up as she gets aroused. Though commonly referred to as “elusive,” it’s actually super-easy to find: simply insert a finger or two with your palm facing up and feel around along the top of the vagina until you feel a ridgey area (almost like a walnut shell) and boom, you’re there. NOTE: It’s just a couple of inches inside, so no need to dig deep. The G-spot will start to swell and protrude like a little lump as she gets closer to orgasm (which makes it easier to find and WAY easier to stimulate) and responds fastest to hard and firm pressure. Some women are able to orgasm from G-spot stimulation alone, but when you add some attention to the clitoris, an incredibly powerful G-spot orgasm can ensue. NOTE: Yes, this also can make some women “squirt,” so keep a towel nearby. Keep in mind that it takes some time for ladies to get used to the feeling (the G-spot is close to the urethra, which can cause some women to feel like they might need to pee – but don’t worry, you won’t!). And the best part? You can stimulate the G-spot with fingers, sex toys and even during intercourse. Some of the best sex positions allow for the penis to rub and rake against the G-spot enough to help her reach orgasm in no time!

The A-spot is nothing new in the sex world but only recently has become a more common bedroom term. Formally called the Anterior Fornix Erogenous Zone, (and hence the quickie nickname) the A-spot is an area of sensitive tissue located at the end of the vaginal canal above the cervix and just below the bladder. Commonly referred to as the female version of the prostate (a powerfully sensitive erogenous zone in men, see #5), the A-spot can be stimulated most easily with a dildo or penis and is responsible not only for a killer orgasm – which some women say is unlike any other they’ve felt – but also get you extra-wet at the same time!

And last but not least – and certainly not to be forgotten – is the cervical orgasm. Now before you say, “No way, leave my cervix alone,” hear us out: some women consider this kind of orgasm to be 100% full body and mind-blowing. Still interested? We thought so.

The cervix is the little cap-like area at the very end of the vagina and is literally the gateway to life – the cervix separates the uterus from the vagina and can dilate more than 10 inches wide during childbirth. It’s physically capable of handling a considerable amount of stimulation from either a penis or girthy dildo while bringing you waves or orgasmic sensations. Rather than a gradual build, peak and plateau, cervical orgasms can feel more like explosive bursts (and we mean that in the best way) that can be felt from head to toe. This kind of orgasm requires complete relaxation, openness and emotional comfort, however; if your mind isn’t in it (or you’re feeling nervous or self-conscious with your partner in any way) cervical orgasms won’t come easy.

2. Clitoral

This is the most common kind of orgasm, mostly because it’s the go-to spot for almost every woman when they want a no-fuss orgasm. Why? The clit is comprised of 8,000 nerve endings packed into a relatively petite and easy-to-access pleasure spot – but what many don’t know is that the clitoris is a LOT larger than the little “person in a boat” protrusion we’re all familiar with. The clitoris actually extends into the body as an inverted V shape – think of the clit being at the top point with two legs extending down, like an upside-down wishbone. Called the “crus,” (which coincidentally is Latin for “leg”) this V wraps around the vagina and urethra and engorges with blood just like the clitoris does.

Every woman likes her clitoris stimulated in a different way, so the first step to having a clitoral orgasm is to figure out what feels best. (Trial and error with open communication will help.) Some like hard flicking with a sex toy or finger; others prefer long sweeping strokes of a tongue; and others enjoy a soft circular motion. You’ll never know what you like until you try it, so start experimenting! But do keep this in mind: the clitoris may be incredibly sensitive, but that doesn’t mean going right for it feels good!

It’s essential to be touched, caressed, kissed and massaged to help the clitoris engorge and shift from being a hyper-sensitive hot spot to an aroused and eager-to-be-touched orgasm-trigger. Some women say it almost hurts to have a finger (or anything else) flick or touch their clitorises when they’re not ready for it. So set the mood and be patient – anticipation is an incredible turn-on.

3. Nipple

This might surprise some, but the nipple is an extremely sensitive erogenous zone with nerve endings that trigger response in the same parts of the brain as the vagina, clitoris and cervix! That essentially means that women feel the same sense of pleasure when stroking their nipples as they do their nether regions – which ALSO means stimulating the nipples alone can spark an orgasm!

Because nipples range in size and shape, it’ll take a bit of practice to lock down the right motions to activate that mental pleasure center. But here are some tips for those of you looking to embark on some breast exploration tonight:

Circular strokes along the areola (rather than directly on the nipple) in a steady rhythm can actually mimic the sensation of having the same motion go down on the clit. Keep it going using a finger or two (or your partner’s tongue) until you feel that telltale tingle – and don’t be afraid to use lube! It’ll keep the glide smooth and will feel pleasantly chilly when you or your partner blows on it at the same time.

4. Prostate

This one’s for the guys. The prostate is a round-ish gland (about the size of a walnut, if you’re young and healthy) that sits below the bladder and just in front of the rectum. It assists in the production of semen and, fortunately for you guys, can trigger an amazingly powerful orgasm if you stimulate it correctly.

Yes, that means you need to insert a finger or sex toy into your anus in order to feel this ultimate orgasm. And for those of you who are squeamish by the idea, don’t fret – you’re not alone. What you’re feeling is essentially fear of the unknown; men are taught to steer clear of their rears for all kinds of reasons, but did you know that regular prostate massage considerably reduces the risk of prostate cancer? That’s right – diddling your P-spot not only feels amazing and can blow your mind (and your load), it also is essential for maintaining optimal health. So might as well give it a try now, right? It’s much simpler than it sounds and there’s no digging or reaching required.

First, to make things easier and more comfortable for yourself, make sure you use the bathroom before you get started and maybe even take a shower. If you’re using your fingers instead of a sex toy, give your nails a trim and then go grab some lube. Get in a comfortable position (many men prefer to lie on their backs with their legs lifted for easy access) and lube your fingers or sex toy up. But don’t shove anything in there just yet! Gently massage the area around your anus to relax and get in the zone before going for it; try slow circular movements or up-and-down motions to loosen up the muscles and make it easier to slide something inside.

Once you’re feeling ready, gently insert your finger or sex toy into your anus and reach toward the top, about 2-3 inches in. You’ll feel a slight bump, like a firm ping pong ball, and likely an immediate intense pleasure sensation – you’ve found your prostate! As you get settled in, you might find that slowly rubbing your finger or sex toy back and forth will start to build a pleasurable pressure. Just like with any other kind of orgasm, it’ll take practice and patience to find the patterns and motions you like best, so have fun with it! And don’t hesitate to invite a partner to give it a try – they’ll have easier access and likely help give you an even stronger O!

5. Mental

Believe it or not, it is absolutely possible for women to THINK their way to orgasm. Hands-free. In the middle of traffic, even. (Though we recommend pulling over first.) Scientists have been studying the female orgasm for ages, mapping the brain to see what regions “light up” from which kinds of stimulation. And Rutgers University’s Dr. Barry Komisaruk has reported in multiple papers that women can trigger the same pleasure centers of the brain with their thoughts as they can with their index fingers. Through a varied combination of imagination, breathing, meditating, squeezing their PC muscles (aka doing kegel exercises), and fantasizing, the women in his study were able to think themselves into the ultimate state of bliss.

This kind of orgasm isn’t everyone’s go-to O, but it’s certainly fun to try. If anything, it can help women practice techniques to calm their nerves, quiet their minds, and rid themselves of irritating distractions that often get in the way of enjoying sexual activity. It’s healthy for the mind, body and spirit and worth incorporating into every intimate routine!