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6 Sex Toys to Spice Up Spouse’s Day

Today is Spouse’s Day, a mini holiday that reminds those of us hitched to a significant other to thank our better half for everything they do. We recommend you celebrate The Screaming O way with a sex toy or three to show him or her you REALLY care, because nothing says devotion quite like a Screaming O. Trust us – only we could make Spouse’s Day this sexy.

3 Gifts for Her
1. Studio Collection Mirror Compact: This sexy gift looks like an ordinary powder compact at first glance but wait – there’s a hidden compartment inside! Lift the lid and find a super-powered multispeed bullet that will make her blush brighter than any makeup could. If you play your cards right, she might take her sexy little secret along for a night out and share the vibes with you, her thoughtful spouse – and with its chic and discreet disguise, no one will know your sexy little secret!
2. Screaming O Vibrating Ring: This simple vibrating ring packs serious power in a little package and has won countless industry awards for its effective design. Almost 75% of women do not orgasm from intercourse alone so we developed the Screaming O Vibrating Ring to give her that extra clitoral stimulation she needs. Stretch this comfortable ring around the penis, position the mini motor at the top, and prepare to rock her world in a whole new way.
3. O Gee: The O Gee combines powerful pleasure and convertible fun with a bendable core that turns this versatile vibe into multiple sex toys in one! Whether she wants G-spot, clitoral or simultaneous play, the O Gee will give her exactly what she wants with one easy twist. The O Gee adjusts to fit her unique shape and will give her a personalized experience that she’ll thank you for over and over…and over!

3 Gifts for Him
1. LingO: You man is a giver but sometimes he could use a day off, which is precisely why the LingO vibrating tongue ring is the perfect gift for Spouse’s Day. He simply stretches the ring around the tip of his tongue, switches on the powerful motor, and makes contact with your clitoris. He stays relaxed with no fancy mouth work required while you get the oral pleasure you love! Everyone wins!
2. WooHoo: This isn’t your average love ring. The WooHoo is a vibrating c-ring that pays special attention to his…dangly bits. Stretch the ring around his shaft as usual and then slip his testicles through the holster underneath so that the bottom bullet is positioned right along his perineum (aka his taint). Not only do you get the benefits of a vibrating cockring, but he feels a pleasant tingle on his nether regions that no regular vibrating ring can! With every move he’ll be reminded of how much you appreciate him and his hard…work.
3. MasteRing: The MasteRing is a multispeed bullet vibe controlled by a remote that’s disguised as a finger ring! That means you two can play with each other from across the room – up to 50 feet away! – and no one else will know what’s going on down below. Tuck it into your panties (or anywhere you please) and give your spouse the power to control your next moves. With just one touch he can decide how fast or slow he wants you to buzz and can surprise you at the perfect time with just the press of a button. Stay in for the night or take the MasteRing out on the town and see how much fun Spouse’s Day can be. You’re in control!