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The Screaming O Guest Stars on Craig & Robbie Hour

The Screaming O guest starred on last week’s episode of “The Craig and Robbie Hour,” an online radio show that gives listeners the skinny on what’s hot, what’s not and about to be big. Noted sexologist Nikki Goldstein brought the Studio Collection and a few special Screaming O love rings to show off to the studio and turned on the entire crew with just a push of a button.

With the faint sound of buzzing in the background, hosts Craig Olsen and Robbie Laughlin reveled in the realistic design of the Studio Collection mini vibes cleverly disguised as cosmetics and weren’t afraid to put the popular sex toys to the test.

“For your lips, tits and naughty bits,” they said. “This actually looks like makeup. It’s really pretty!”

Goldstein even applied some O Balm™ Warming Sexual Stimulant Balm to her nipple and as the interview progressed so did the sexy tingling sensation.

“It works!” she said. “My nipple is heating up. This brings all new meaning to a makeover!”

By the end of the segment, Goldstein had wowed the room with the Mascara, Blush Brush, Lipstick and sexual enhancement balms and Olsen and Laughlin agreed not to fight over which cock ring to take home to try out in private.

“You can have this one because I already have one of these,” Olsen said. “I’ve got two of them. I like them very much.”