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A Safe Sex Hollywood Party With The Scream Team

Ever wondered what it’d be like inside one of Hollywood’s hottest nightclubs and get the royal treatment?

We’re talking free-flowing bottles of booze with sparklers sticking out the tops, carried by taught and tanned women who effortlessly glide through the crowd to your VIP table with a smile and wink.

(Yeah…we got specific there. Cuz that’s the life we live.)

As you can imagine, we haven’t wondered what that’d be like for years now. Every club appearance we make ends up being some kind of VIP experience and man, it certainly doesn’t get old!

But aaaaanyway, our point is to brag about our night at Mi-6 in West Hollywood, where we partied with Hustler Hollywood and the founders of the Association for Safe Fun Sex (hell yes, there’s an organization for that!) all night long.

The occasion? Celebrating the launch of the only association out there that promotes safe sex NOT by scaring us all with tales of STDs and getting sent to hell, but by making it easier and more enjoyable to get and use condoms!

The Scream Team was all over Mi-6 with free Screaming O Condom Packs, which contain a thin condom, lube and MOST IMPORTANTLY a vibrating ring that essentially transforms the condom into a pleasurable sex tool rather than a sheath that makes sex feel different.

And by George were they popular. So much so that by the end of the night, once everyone had filed out and headed home to bang a cocktail waitress or two, all that was left strewn about the floor were wrappers and empty boxes.

Job well done, Scream Team. Job. Well. Done.