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The Screaming O in Me-he-cO!

There are only a few reasons to go to Tijuana (cheap tequila, donkey shows, authentic burritos, and again cheap tequila) and the most important Tijuana must-do is the Sex and Entertainment Expo which brings together the hottest porn stars and the best sex tools under one roof so our friends south of the border can get face to face with their industry favorites.

Of course it’s not a part until the Scream Team and the Screaming O girls in all their bright red and bright blond glory! We brought the house down with our Screaming O and O Face contests, and gave away enough vibrating rings and toys to keep the entire country buzzing for a year.

Even the ladies got involved, jumping in stage and showing off their sexy skills in front of the entire audience.

Who knew Mexico had muchos sexy screamers?