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Arouses the Senses & Get In the Mood with O Balm® Sexual Enhancement Creams!


We all love sex – but sometimes it takes a little extra work to get in the mood for intimate times. And that’s why The Screaming O developed the O Balm® line of sexual stimulant creams disguised as makeup from the award-winning Studio Collection! O Balm Warming and Cooling balms arouse with a sexy tingle while O Balm Gloss Climax Crème makes pleasure come faster and stronger – and all three feature natural formulas that will keep you coming back for more!

Cleverly disguised as eye shadow, O Balm sexual stimulant balms turn you on fast with all-natural ingredients that arouse the senses with a sexy tingle that can’t be ignored. O Balm is edible, kissable and deliciously safe to use on the body’s most sensitive zones – nipples, lips, even her sweet spot – for perfect foreplay. (Shhh, men love it, too!) Choose from O Balm Warming for a cinnamon sizzle or O Balm Cooling for a peppermint shiver.

O Balm Gloss Climax Crème is a silky smooth intimacy cream that makes pleasure come faster and stronger with an all-natural formula disguised as high-end lip gloss. Featuring special ingredient L-arginine, O Balm Gloss Climax Crème boosts blood flow for an extra-sensitive engorged feeling that helps women reach orgasm quicker and easier. Tasteless, odorless and easy to use, O Balm Gloss Climax Crème is the natural sexual enhancer that intensifies the senses to seal the deal!

“Simply touch O Balm Warming and Cooling to your sensitive zones to bring a pleasant tingle for a fast turn-on and apply O Balm Gloss Climax Crème to the clitoris for heightened sensitivity and stronger orgasms,” The Screaming O representative Conde Aumann said. “And as with every Studio Collection product, O Balm is concealed in clever packaging that looks like the makeup women use every day!”

Intensify your sex life today and see what a little O Balm can do!