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The Screaming O Goes ‘Glam in La La Land’ at The Hollywood Improv


The Screaming O went Glam at The Hollywood Improv for comedienne Camille Solari’s “Glam in La La Land,” a special ladies night comedy show that combined laughs, lipstick and a little lust for the most glamorous stand-up show in Hollywood.

Special comedy guests Natasha Leggero, Deon Williams, “Cool Runnings” star Rawle Dee and more brought the crowd to their feet with some nice – most mostly naughty – jokes and left the audience running home for an extra sexy encore courtesy of The Screaming O!

The crowd was filled with babes, BFFs and gift bags filled with goodies from the fashion and beauty worlds – and leave it up to The Screaming O to combine the two with the chic and discreet Studio Collection. Every audience member took home a special sample of O Balm® Gloss Climax Crème, an all-natural crème for women that enhances orgasm for more satisfying sex!

The crowd’s smiles grew wider and giggles grew louder as the night went down and we couldn’t help but wonder if their rosy cheeks and bright eyes had a little enhancement help from their new favorite sexy accessory.