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Association of Safe Fun Sex (ASFX) and Screaming O at University of Buffalo Sex Week

What a rounding success this weekend was, with a huge crowd of eager and excited students flooding into the Student Union for University of Buffalo’s Sex Week to play games, win prizes, and learn a thing or two about safe sex.

The room was packed with hundreds of guys and gals hoping to win prizes and free gifts in one of the biggest bingo games we’ve ever seen. The organizers came up with Safe Sex Bingo for this year’s event with support from its two wellness programs UB Wellness Services and SBI Health Education to give young men and women a safe and (duh) fun environment to get some sex-health tips and tricks.

“We jumped at the chance to join the crusade to help break the notion that condoms are a boring buzz-kill by hosting unique events that appeal to the sexually active and curious,” The Screaming O representative said. “And it’s an honor to give back to the University of Buffalo, one of our alma maters, in such a sex-positive way!”

In between rounds of Safe Sex Bingo were mini sex-ed seminars and presentations, and even a sex toy demo as a sort of “half time” show that made everyone giggle and blush – but certainly left everyone with a good impression of what sex toys from The Screaming O can do for their growing sex lives!

The first to arrive were given free gift bags chock full of Screaming O goodies, including 2012 Calendars, Frisbees and the infamous Screaming O Condom Packs. There was even a red carpet photo booth at the entrance where everyone could pose for flashing cameras like Hollywood stars.

If only sex ed were that fun and glam when we were growing up...bet we’d all have been MUCH happier teenagers!

See all of the photos on ASFX Facebook page.