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Introducing The Screaming O at Erotica LA. Starting Screaming!

Sexy Screaming O girls at Erotica LA


Well folks, we’ve got something big to show you.

At least, that’s what we told everyone roaming around the Erotica LA porn convention and without warning droves of sex fans flooded our booth and showed us what it means to really explode on the scene.

This was not only our first Erotica LA, it was our first adult show ever and we weren’t sure how the fans would react to our Original Vibrating Ring. It could either fall flat or blow everyone’s minds and, well…let’s just say there was a special cleaning crew hired to take care of The Screaming O’s aftermath.

The response from regular Joes and Jills, and even the porn stars, was astounding. It was as though everyone had been waiting for a powerful, easy to wear and easy to toss away vibrating penis ring. So when The Screaming O set up shop the crowd went wild, taking home handfuls of goodies and spreading the word like wildfire.