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Bask In The Glow with New “O-Glow” Bullets

Basking in the before, during and after glow – so much better than self-tanner.

You know that healthy glow that all these Jersey Shore/Lindsay Lohan fans have been searching for all these years? Well it’s not gonna come from a Neutrogena bottle and it sure as heck isn’t going to blast out of some spaceship torpedo tanning booth pod.

Just pick up all 4 O Glow Bullets and watch your skin come alive!

They’re tiny, pack a punch and let you take mood lighting to levels that old-fashioned candle light can’t – these puppies are even waterproof so feel free to toss a couple in the tub and start buzzing in the bath!

One of my friskier friends who shall remain nameless (ends with Nifer…starts with Jen) takes it so seriously, she’s named her favorite masturbation method.

Meet the Purple Haze: run a bath, fill it with a ton of bubbles (she likes the old lady lilac scents…but I digress) and then toss in 4 purple O Glow Bullets. Turn the lights off and have fun feeling around under the water and to see what you might find.

Yeah, I know. She’s hardcore.

I’d rather make some kind of kaleidoscope thing happen with all the colors in one bathtub…or maybe a swimming pool.

Hmm…well if each O Glow Bullet lasts an hour, and there’s blue, red, purple and pink to choose from…how long will it take for the train to get from point A to point B without stopping?

Ah, who cares? I was never good at math anyway. I’m more into the…uh…physical sciences.