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The Best Sex Toys (& Best Sex Positions) for the Best Orgasms Ever

Best Positions & sex toys for the best orgasms


Blog_Postition1Some of the best sex positions can now perform even without your partner by using some of the best sex toys to achieve the best orgasms ever:

Finger Vibe + Cowgirl

She has the most control over speed, depth, and sensation and he has ultimate access to her clit -- a win-win sexual situation! Let him wear the finger vibe and help her reach orgasm with powerful stimulation that's quiet and inconspicuous. Perfect for first-time sex toy users!


Bullet Vibe + Doggy Style

This position lets him get deep while giving him access to her clit from behind. With a gentle reach-around, he can rub the vibrating bullet on her clit as they grind together and if she wants a turn, he can simply hand it over and let her get to work on herself. It's so small and easy to maneuver, you'll almost forget it's there -- until she screams in ecstasy, of course!


Wand Vibe + Spread Eagle

She lies on her back at the edge of the bed with her legs spread wide and he stays standing. This gives both partners open and easy access to her clit while allowing for eye contact and kissing. The longer length of the wand vibe makes it easy for her to stimulate her clit without accidentally getting in the way of his sexy motions.


Vibrating Cock Ring + The Rocker

She lies on her back and he stays on top and deep inside as he gently rocks back and forth, which allows for kissing, hugging, and eye contact. This position lets him stimulate her G-spot while keeping constant contact between her clit and the cock ring's vibrating motor to help her reach orgasm faster. Plus, wearing the ring around his shaft and balls will create a more pleasurable experience!


Tongue Vibe + Ultimate Oral

This one's pretty self-explanatory and definitely a must-try. This little vibe stretches around his tongue -- his tongue already feels amazing, but imagine how it'll feel when it vibrates!


Vibrating Double Ring + Good Ol' Missionary

This special sex toy gives couples a serious leg up in the bedroom (pun absolutely intended!). He wears the smaller ring around his shaft and the wider ring around his whole package while keeping the vibrating motor in place. And she gets direct vibration onto her clit each time he thrusts, which helps her get closer to orgasm with every stroke. A modern take on a classic sex position!