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Women's Health Says Our Discreet Sex Toy "Might Just Change Your Life"


Women's Health magazine recommended our Studio Collection Makeup Brush Vibe is a discreet sex toy for its "blush-worthy" design that gives women a discreet and compact way to spice up their sex lives. This cute mini vibe was hand-picked for its nightstand-friendly look and newbie appeal, and editors called it a sex toy "that might just change your life." Darn right!

The Studio Collection Makeup Brush Vibe offers a more subtle sensation that feels amazing for massage, foreplay and gentle stimulation and is PERFECT for anyone who's still new to the sex toy thang but curious to try their first one. Women's Health writers recommended the Makeup Brush's "tease" mode to transfer pulsating vibration up to its thick, flexible silicone "bristles." That definitely feels good…but wait ‘til you try its three powerful speeds. This unique sex toy might just blow your mind.

But wait – here's the best part! Whether you accidentally leave it out in plain site or the darn thing falls out of your purse, don't fret. The Makeup Brush is cloaked in a clever disguise – it looks just like an ordinary cosmetic tool at first glance – and will most definitely fool nosy roommates, curious eyes, and invasive TSA agents! It looks so much like makeup, no one will even bat an eyelash.

Curious? Excited? Us, too! Check out the Studio Collection Makeup Brush vibe