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Boost Your Sex-Positive Fitness With Screaming O Sport

Looking for a new way to exercise your senses? Check out Screaming O Sport, a high-performance vibrating cock ring that fits seamlessly into any intimate fitness routine. Screaming O Sport offers the ultimate in sex-positive fitness with a multipurpose shape that fits almost any size member thanks to a unique Flex Ring design.

Made of lab-tested body-safe SEBS in a durable form, Screaming O Sport features the brand new Vooom Bullet low-pitch mini vibe, which vibrates with a deep rumble for optimal pleasure on everybody: wear the vibrator on top for clitoral vibration or on the bottom for testicle massage.

PRO TIP: You can quickly and easily adjust the direction of the vibrating bullet’s pleasure points by rotating it up or down to ensure they touch your favorite sensitive spots.

Vooom Bullets are equipped with a one-of-a-kind low-pitch motor that offers sensations unlike anything else on the market. Developed following research into vibration frequency and optimal clitoral stimulation, Screaming O developed Vooom Bullets to provide an alternative vibration for users looking for rumbly – rather than buzzy – vibration. And Screaming O Sport combines Vooom vibration with the strength of a durable cock ring.

Screaming O Sport is made of water-proof ABS plastic and stretchy SEBS, two materials that have been independently lab tested for purity, quality and body-safety. Plus its 100% waterproof design makes it easy to use in the shower or for extra-intense “workouts.”

Whatever your shape or size, Screaming O Sport offers stimulating vibration with results you can see – and FEEL – after just one use! Stretching snugly around the penis and testicles, Screaming O Sport enhances the experience for men and their partners and helps them enjoy better sex and a happy and healthy sex life.