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Celebrate Women Around the World for International Women's Day

Celebrate Women Around the World for International Women's Day

Tomorrow is International Women's Day, a holiday that some of you might not have known existed until 10 seconds ago. On March 8, women around the world gather to celebrate their accomplishments while raising awareness of social, political and economic issues that impact women locally and internationally. Each year, the United Nations dedicates a particular theme to the day and this year’s is Inspiring Change, encouraging advocacy for positive advancement in all kinds of ways – from challenging social norms to motivating personal growth.

This theme hits our hearts especially deeply, as this kind of personal evolution is what drives The Screaming O. Inspiration for change starts with one; it takes just one person to ignite a conversation that links men and women with a united mindset and a common goal. Our common goal is to spread a positive message about female sexuality by making pleasure products fun and friendly for women of all lifestyles. It’s a philosophy that supports the foundation of The Screaming O, and we’re proud to be a part of tomorrow’s global celebration.

The first International Women’s Day was held in 1911 in five countries, which rallied more than a million men and women to campaign for the right to work, vote, and to end discrimination. Now it’s an official holiday in more than 27 countries, with events that include men in the celebration and encourage them to honor the various women in their lives – mothers, daughters, sisters, colleagues, wives, and more.

Some men like to celebrate by gifting the special women in their lives with small tokens of appreciation, and since we like to push the envelope a tad, we suggest making sure those small tokens of appreciation vibrate.

Because there’s nothing more empowering than feeling comfortable and confident from the inside out, and The Screaming O makes it easy to explore, experiment and celebrate safely – and have fun doing it!

So ladies: Give yourself the power of pleasure and own your intimate rights. Pick a colorful mini vibe for yourself or choose a vibrating ring or couples sex toy to enjoy with your partner and do your part to destroy the stigma that surrounds female sexuality. Remember, it starts with one!