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Why Mardi Gras, aka Fat Tuesday, is a Day for Debauchery

Why Mardi Gras, aka Fat Tuesday, is a Day for Debauchery

Today is Fat Tuesday, a day commonly dedicated to getting relatively obliterated on booze and engaging in the kind of wild party scene that only a frat house would envy – but have you ever wondered why we do it?

Much to the dismay of some of you, it’s not exactly a part of history to take one too many shots of Malibu and accidentally (well, intentionally at the time) flash your chest to your coworkers in exchange for some plastic beads. But there is a tiny nugget of truth behind that, so we’re here to help explain how you can celebrate Mardi Gras to the fullest and feel confident knowing that whatever ended up happening was an ode to history. Religious history, specifically.



Rewind 300-ish years and you’ll find men and women in Louisiana (and now in cities around the world) celebrating Mardi Gras as the final day before Lent, a Christian custom that involves (among other things) 40 days’ penance, during which observers give up a particular enjoyable indulgence. People commonly give up meats or sweets for Lent and live in moderation (including fasting) for more than a month, which is one of the reasons why the day before Day 1 is dedicated to mass consumption…and everything else that comes along with it. (Hence the name, Fat Tuesday.)

In the olden days, meat, cheese and eggs were the favorite choices of excess, which has evolved to include red wine, beer, shots-shots-shots, and more than a little sex. Which is why Mardi Gras is The Screaming O’s favorite holiday!

And have you noticed how colorful Fat Tuesday becomes? Particular hues represent special symbols of the celebration, which is why all of those beads you find on the streets the day after are so vibrant. Purple stands for justice, green for faith, and gold for power – so pick your favorite Screaming O vibrating ring, mini vibe or couples toy and match the color to your impending Mardi Gras madness!

Now get wild, get colorful and get sexy with The Screaming O and let it all out before you’re technically not allowed to! Toast to titillating conversation, dance for delectable delights, and make this year’s Mardi Gras one to remember with colorful mini vibes, vibrating rings and everything else you need to make sure you get all that mischief out of your system – at least until Easter Sunday, when the 40-day mark is done and the “rules” say you can get back to business!