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Doctor Claims He Discovered the Female G-spot

OGee G Spot vibrator - doctor claims he found g spot

A gynecologist from Florida claims he’s found the elusive G-spot – literally. He flew to Poland to perform a post-mortem examination of an 83-year-old woman shortly after her death and specifically checked out her vagina to see what he could find.

And apparently within the walls of the vagina he found a cluster of grape-sized bits of erectile tissue that he believes is the G-spot in physical form. Its existence is often questioned and confused by men and women alike – and it’s always a topic of “Cosmopolitan” or “Glamour” magazine sexual health articles.

FUN FACT: The G-spot was named after gynecologist Ernst Gräfenberg, whose research in the 1940s revolved around urethral sexual stimulation. A set of sex researchers, whose own research revolved around intimate events such as female ejaculation, coined the term “G-spot” in 1981 -- the same year their female ejaculation case study was published in the Journal of Sex Research.

Most women will tell you that yes, of course the G-spot exists. It can be found by inserting your pointer and middle fingers into your vagina and, about two inches in, curling your fingers in a “come hither” motion. You’ll feel some ridges, sort of like a walnut shell, and if you press harder you might feel like you have to pee. (Don’t worry, you won’t!!!) That’s the cluster of nerves just below the urethral sponge (technical term – but that’s what gets engorged and swollen when you get turned on and, for some women, makes you squirt!)

Dr. Adam Ostrzenski believes his discovery shows that the female orgasm might be more physical than we thought, with an actual body part responsible for being turned on similar to how the penis works with men. But there’s a lot of research left to do, so in the meantime just take this with a grain of salt and practice treating your G-spot right!

There are all kinds of sex toys, dildos, massagers and vaginal stimulators that can help you put pressure on the G-spot without your fingers getting tired or giving yourself carpal tunnel. Try the revolutionary OGee vibe, which has a flexible core that lets you bend and twist it to fit your body. Curving it upward is the perfect way to hit your G-spot while it’s inside you, and with one touch of the “On” button you’ll experience waves of pleasure unlike anything you’ve ever felt!