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The Screaming Octopus, a new creation from The Screaming O, was named a winner at “Women’s Health” Magazine’s 2nd Annual 2008 Sex Awards. The Women’s Health staff thoroughly tested and tried a number of sex toys to create 2008’s list of top choices. This win marks the second year in a row The Screaming O has been recognized by the publication, after taking home the crown for “Best Vibrating Ring” last year with the infamous Screaming O.

The Screaming O is thrilled to be acknowledged once again, especially since this is only the second year for “Women’s Health” to dole out such an award.

“Women’s Health” received rave reviews after releasing their inaugeral Annual Sex Awards in 2007, helping spark this year’s encore. There were only a handful of adult  toys selected, each put into categories such as “Trysts in the Tub,” “Long Distance Lova,” and “Marathon Sex.”  Women’s Health put the Screaming Octopus in a category of its own, appropriately dubbed “Best for Underwater Exploring.”