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Everyone Knows What Happens on a Girls' Night Out...


The Scream Team steamed things up during radio station Hot 92 Jamz's “Girls Night Out” last night at a nightclub in Montebello, California...which sounds as if petticoats and corsets were in order, but really all you needed was some spandex and at least an inch of cleavage. Just like any night out, right?

Well what makes 92 Jamz's night out different from whatever you're used to is that the entire evening is devoted to pampering and pleasuring (not in the way you're thinking) 3,000 lucky ladies.

We all went to last year's event, too, and every partygoer went gaga over the gift bags. This year the ladies let loose for the kind of Big O Face contest that honestly none of us has seen before.

Winners and winners at heart all took home the famous Screaming O Vibrating Ring and a bevy of booty – gifts, that is – that certainly kept them screaming even after the night was through.

I don't know about you, but nothing lulls me to sweet slumber smoother than a few moans and groans of the female variety. But, ya know...that's just me.