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The Association for Safe Fun Sex is Apparently One Young Rapper’s Delight and Makes a Screaming O Donation

Remember that song you’d hear all over the city, on the radio and club that you just couldn't get out of your head?That was “Everybody in the Club Getting’ Tipsy” rapped out by Famous St. Louis based rapper, J Kwon. Now you can stop wracking your brains.


Well funny enough J Kwon is also a fan of having sex, and when he heard about the launch of the Association for Safe Fun Sex, he (rather, his agent) got on the horn and found out how he could be more involved.

Well the young hip hop dude has decided to donate 10,000 Screaming O Condom Packs to the Urban Health Institute – worth more than $50,000 – in support of both organizations.

What’s the Condom Pack? It’s a one-stop safe sex  kit with a condom, lube packet and a Screaming O Vibrating Ring. It’s portable, easy to stash away and 100 percent disposable to all the evidence can be tossed away. This means you can get it on with anyone anywhere. (Within legal parameters of course…ASFX doesn’t condone orgies on the front steps of City Hall, for instance. But if you do it anyway, use a condom.)

“There aren't many young people who take the time out to think about how serious the fight is against HIV/AIDS, especially among our age group,” J Kwon said. “I'm proud to be a part of anything that will help better our generation. safe sex and STD awareness is a serious issue and we need more people to step up and support it!”

Let’s get it on!