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Fun Sex Fact: Kangaroos Have 3 Vaginas

mating kangaroos

Nature always surprises us when it comes to sex. You never know what you might learn about the homicidal sex habits of insects, creepy mating rituals of amphibians, or bizarre anatomy of animals you always thought were cuddly and cute.

After flipping through a few favorite science blogs we found a fascinating post about kangaroos and their genitals: they have three vaginas.


A documentary called “Inside Nature’s Giants” delves into the anatomy of various zoo animals we all find adorable, and when they dissected a female kangaroo and discovered what makes her pipes work.

All members of the marsupial genus share this trait – including koalas, wombats and Tasmanian devils. Each vagina serves a different purpose:

Each side carries sperm to two different uteruses (crazy, right?) while the middle vagina is reserved solely as an exit-path for the joey, or baby kangaroo, when the momma gives birth.

Wait -- want to blow your mind again? Male kangaroos have two-pronged penises, which makes them a perfect fit into the double-orifice vagina.

So this basically means female kangaroos can be in a constant state of pregnant.

Ladies, can you imagine having three different vaginas to deal with? And would having a double-ended penis make men need twice the sexual attention? Sounds exhausting.

But we suppose that if evolution ever causes our private parts to duplicate there always will be mini vibrators, cock rings, and all kinds of sex toy goodies to help keep everyone happy and satisfied!