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Get Bizzy With the OHoney – It Hits Your Sweet Spot

It looks bizarre and takes a second or two to figure out. But once you do, it’s all you’re gonna want to use.

The OHoney is a couples sex toy made to intensify her sexual experience, especially during missionary-position sex.

Missionary gets a bad rap in the sex world, often being called the “boring” position. But just like denim jeans, Cadillacs and your mom’s marinara sauce, you shouldn’t mess with a classic.

The vibrating “honey pot” at the end of the OHoney’s cord is shaped to sit securely on her clitoris, held in place by her own anatomy and an O-ring base that uses her pubic bone for placement.

It’s hands-free vibration for couples who don’t want or need a cockring! Just lay it down, turn it on and go at your business as usual. The super-soft silicone toy will become a part of the fun and you’ll never know it’s there – at least not until she screams “Oh honey, oh honey!”

Just keep in mind, men – she might not be referring to you. :)