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Who Knew an Octopus Could Be So Useful Outside of the Aquarium?

So it looks bizarre (who’d a thunk to put an octopus anywhere near a pussy?) but honestly, some of The Screaming O’s whackiest-looking sex toys give you the best bang.
Start taking notes.

The Screaming Octopus is a mini-vibe toy made with eight tentacles not only as a proper tribute to the ocean’s weirdest creature, but also to give you enough tickling tingles to set your nerves on hyper alert.

For up to 80 minutes, the Octopus vibrates and sends the sensation traveling down each little fluttery finger, which then transfers beautifully onto your skin. This little guy isn’t meant to be shoved into your nether regions for Screaming O sex – though you can if you want.

It’s made to give you the best massage-like tickling tingle sensation during foreplay and beyond, making every hair on your body stand on end at first contact. The slightest touch is enough to get you revved up, and just like the aquatic wonder it’s designed after, the Screaming Octopus can work under water!
That means tub time just got a million times better. Women’s Health Magazine noticed and gave it the Best for Underwater Exploring accolade for its 2nd Annual Sex Awards in 2008.

Plus it’s damn cute and you can pick your favorite color: purple, blue or pink. Which one’s your favorite?