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Kim Kardashian Makes a Screaming O Sex Toy Her New Best Buddy

The Sceraming O landed another starring role on another guilty pleasure reality show, this time buddying up to endowed celebrity Kim Kardashian. All bummed out and depressed from a recent breakup, her thoughtful sisters brought over a special “naughty basket” with accessories to brighten her day – and night.

Kourtney and Khloe specially chose The Screaming O Bullet Buddy Worm for its adorable size and fashion-forward color, knowing she’d never be alone with her new buddy by her (bed)side!

Kim was surprised and of course delighted, though she’d never admit her excitement to test out her new toys. Smart choice, since these Buddies will never break your heart and are ALWAYS there when you need them.

Though we would have chosen the Bunny for Kim, since she’s been in Playboy and all. But hey, whatever floats her boat is fine with us. Just as long as we can watch it on TV!