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The Screaming O Shows ‘The Doctors’ a Thing or 2 About Sex Toys

The Doctors Show reviews The Screaming O

Sex therapist Dr. Jennifer Berman brought some of her favorite Screaming O items with her to a very special super-sexy episode of “The Doctors,” which is CBS’s top-rated talk show that answers all kinds of health questions that people are too afraid to look up on Google.

This episode was all about maintaining healthy relationships so naturally sex toys were involved. Dr. Berman brought the LingO tongue vibrator, original Vibrating Ring and the O Yeah! vibrating love ring onto the show and the hosts were more than intrigued.

To everyone’s delight, Dr. Drew Ordon took one for the team and carefully positioned a LingO vibrating ring on his tongue and spent much of the episode showing everyone his new oral massager.

While he wiggled his tongue around, Dr. Berman explained to the audience how sex toys not only open communication boundaries in the bedroom, but also can help women have their first orgasm – which is kind of a big deal.

It was a great episode. Next time, though, we’d like to get stud muffin Dr. Travis Stork to test out a toy or two. That certainly would be a YouTube clip to share with your girlfriends.